Lost and Found

Found - TRFC Jacket Blue with number 3 on it. If it's yours, contact Rick Duchatkiewicz.

Found - Soccer Ball White, size 3 with initials BN on it. If it's yours, contact Kevin Stankowitz.

Lost - Black Nike Pullover Sweatshirt lost Friday night 10/10 at Bey Lea field. If found, contact Terry Duval.

Lost - Verizon flip phone small, black and rectangular shaped...lost around 8 pm on Thursday at the west field entrance at Shelter Cove. If found, contact Lisa Isadore at 561-346-2638.

Lost - Nautica Beach Chair blue, yellow and white stripes. Left at Shelter Cove on the far east field. If found, contact Tasos Papanikolas.

Lost - Soccer Bag has #11 embroidered on it. Lost at Shelter Cove field 14, after Sunday, Oct 5th 12:00pm game. If found, contact Daniel Regenye.