Our Training Philosophy: 
Celtic Elite works year round to develop youth soccer skills. We believe the only way to better our young soccer athletes is by continuous intervention,  continuous drilling, and staying active within the game of soccer -- both physically and mentally.
Our coaching staff all share the same mission and goals that are the foundation of Celtic Elite - a commitment to the game, a commitment to those who we train, and a commitment to bettering the competitiveness of the players we mentor while encouraging a love of the game and having fun while playing. 

Playing Philosophy
By allowing players to play as individual, our playing style is a high energy-offensives minded approach.

While in possession players have freedom of movement, with our without the ball which allows our teams to play with a skillful and creative core. Using vision, combined with their technical skills players have the freedom in decision making on the field and therefore will be more successful in their reading and understanding of the game.

Coaching Approach
Create an environment where a player can play, have the freedom to express themselves as player without fear.

The only place where players get to play soccer is within a organized team environment, yet in this environment often times players own individual creativity gets stifled due to players being asked to play as a team, the biggest mistake that is made is coaches thinking youth soccer is a team sport when in fact it is a Individual sport.

- Develop a love for learning
- Take pride in the process of self improvement
- Players play because it’s fun, and it’s most fun when they feel empowered...

1. Player based- The individual is the priority, not the team.
2. Free from ranking- The only definition of success in the program is whether or not the player is enjoying themselves and improving. Comparisons to other players, teams, and clubs is a non-factor.